Change the Mood
of Your Kitchen

Besides being the place to prepare food, often the kitchen is the heart of the home, and the centre of family life.

At parties, guess where many people congregate? The kitchen! So why would you use the same bright light level when cooking (before a party, let's say) as you would after guests arrive, when a softer, more romantic glow is clearly better?

The versatility of a kitchen ought to be matched by the range of different light levels appropriate for each activity. For example you might cook, dine, do homework, relax, and party in this one space.

So change the mood of your kitchen with several "layers" of light...

By layers we mean 2 or more different kinds of light fixtures, each on a different circuit, and controlled independently. The idea is to use a different circuit for each type of lighting: general, task and accent.

Dimmers will give complete control, and will allow for almost infinitely subtle blending. Plus, with dimmers, as the level of light is dialed down, the actual color of the light shifts warmer.

Each light layer can emphasize a particular part of the kitchen:

The obvious benefit of having 3 or 4 different light types in the kitchen is flexibility.

You can brighten or dim the overall light level, or turn on or off lights in different areas of the kitchen. Plus you can blend 3 or 4 individual lamp sets to get a whole range of different effects, like colors on an artist's pallette.

A less obvious benefit is energy efficiency. Party time or dinner time lighting need not be as bright, consuming less power and saving you money. Plus, party guests will love you for it!

Finally, the most profound benefit of all is the ability to change YOUR mood. That's what quality of life is all about, and that's what quality lighting can achieve.


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