Lighting Photo Galleries

Take a photographic tour of some fabulous residential lighting designs,
room by room. These luminous galleries of home lighting are
an inspiring source of ideas for your own lighting projects...


Living Room Lighting

living room photo

Lighting the living room, the most sociable space in the house, can involve blending complex illumination from different light fixtures into a rich, flexible design. Dramatic flair, enhanced space, and inviting warmth all play a part in this sophisticated collection of living room lighting designs...

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Dining Room Lighting

dining room photo

Dining rooms need a luminous focal point, often a spectacular chandelier, whether of glittering crystal or earthy wrought iron. But there are many other possibilities for creating magic here, as you'll see in photo after photo. Indulge yourself in the different moods of these fine dining spaces. Bon appetit!

Photo Gallery: Dining Rooms >>

Kitchen Lighting

kitchen photo

The kitchen is far more than a work space to prepare food: it's often the second most social space in the house! And it deserves a brilliant design, to meet those varied demands. Tour these kitchen lighting designs and take note of the different light fixtures used in the same rooms, to build flexible "layers" of light.

Photo Gallery: Kitchens >>

Bathroom Lighting

bathroom photo

Luxurious light, an essential feature of the very best bathrooms, takes center stage in this photo collection of bathroom lighting designs. From sleek modern minimalist style to classical opulence, the range of light fixtures and illumination here will surprise and delight. Immerse yourself in the luxury of light...

Photo Gallery: Bathrooms >>

Bedroom Lighting

bedroom photo

Intimate and warm, these bedroom lighting designs each set a distinctive mood and ambiance. Modern design need not be cold at all, as you'll see in these photos. And traditional style bedrooms can be enhanced by recessed lighting and pot lights to create pools of glowing illumination that are restful and soft...

Photo Gallery: Bedrooms >>

Foyer & Hallway Lighting

foyer photo

The grand entrance with spiral staircase demands a light fixture with bold presence, and the designs featured here do not disappoint. But there are unexpected ways to light an entryway or hallway that will open your eyes to new possibilities of light. This gallery features just that, plus inspiring ideas for a neglected space: the hallway...

Photo Gallery: Foyers >>

Outdoor Lighting

outdoor lighting photo

Light at night...the pure luminous magic of outdoor lighting at its best may trigger glowing memories of vacations. These outdoor lighting designs will inspire you to transform your home and garden into the private retreat of your dreams. Escape to your own backyard
at night!

Photo Gallery: Outdoor Lighting >>



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