About Light Fixture Magic

Light Fixture Magic
is largely the inspiration of Mike Efford, a graphic designer and 3D computer animation professional whose interest in all things lighting led to the creation of this website.
A graduate of Humber College's 1975 fine arts program in Toronto, he later studied history of architecture at Ryerson University.
After 19 years in advertising, working as an art director in photo studios and ad agencies, he started his own computer animation business in 1994. Architectural walk-through animations became a significant component of his business.

"Light Fixture Magic
is the result of a
decades - long appreciation for
the magic of light."

3D animation software has lights that work just like real world lighting in architecture and interior design, only they're virtual. But they behave exactly the same way. "My favorite thing about 3D animation is the lighting. It's both exciting, and infinitely subtle."
His fascination with light intensified after buying a house, and

designing his home environment with the growing range of new lighting products available. "I like to layer lighting, using a variety of light fixtures and effects to create atmosphere and style. And with the selection and quality of lighting products out there these days, there's no limit to what you can do with light".
Realizing that the vast selection available can be confusing and intimidating to people, even to creative types, Mike saw the need for a website that would illuminate the best in home lighting, including photo galleries, articles, even videos. And of course some links to the best online sources for light fixtures.
Light Fixture Magic is the result of a decades - long appreciation for the magic of light.



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