7 Other Light Fixtures
That Work Well With
A Chandelier


Variety is the key to creating interest when lighting a kitchen.

The chandelier is the obvious centerpiece, and commands a lot of attention, but like a lead singer in a great band, it needs back-up. So we back up the chandelier with other types of lighting fixtures that fill out the ambiance, and provide light for all the tasks we need to do in the kitchen. Plus, they enliven "dead" areas away from the chandelier.

While you're looking for the perfect chandelier, consider a few other lighting types that can work really well with it in the kitchen.

Here are 7 light fixtures that will enhance the overall effect of your kitchen lighting and build around the impact of the chandelier:

1. Under the cabinet low-voltage or compact fluorescent
down lights
as task lighting. The obvious benefit here is you can see what you are preparing far better. And that makes for less tension at the end of a long day at work, not having harsh shadow interfering with your food prep. The less obvious benefit is that a series of under-the-counter lights all around the kitchen can visually expand the room, making it look wider.

2. Recessed downlights for general ambient light. A kitchen is a working area, and therefore needs a good level of general ambient lighting, like any workspace. Small low-voltage halogen lights are a great choice, aesthetically and environmentally. Track lighting will give similar results and is more flexible than ceiling mounted fixtures, but the tracks and the cans may clash with the chandelier, especially with traditional or any historical style lighting.

3. Pendant lights can illuminate a counter extension or island without distracting too much from a chandelier. Even a single pendant can create a nice pool of light in an area where you want some secondary visual focus.

4. Up-lights above the cabinets can wash the ceiling and contribute to an overall luminous ambiance, spreading soft light all around the kitchen. Any recessed area such as the corners of the kitchen, above the cabinets can be lit this way to enhance space, and "float" the cabinets.

5. Rope Lights can accent long linear elements in your kitchen. They are flexible and inexpensive, and are used by architects to, for example, light underneath a stair tread in a dark theater. You can conceal them above or below cabinets, behind valances, etc.

6. Low-level lighting mounted just above the floor in the toe-kick of a kitchen island is a stunning and unexpected effect. It's similar to garden lighting, and is often referred to as "step lighting". We look down to see it, unlike much home lighting. And the effect is magical.

7. A table lamp on the counter can add a comfortable and intimate atmosphere, and be a good antidote for a sterile feel in the kitchen.

You likely won't use all of these, of course. But using some of these lights in addition to your showpiece chandelier will achieve a beautiful "layering" of light. This is home lighting at its most sophisticated, and is the look that professional lighting designers create. These lights are the ultimate compliment to your kitchen chandelier.


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7 Other Light Fixtures That Work Well with a Chandelier


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Recommended Sources for Other Lighting that Works With A Chandelier:

Recessed Ceiling Lights
for a soft overall ambiance

Under Cabinet Low Voltage
to highlight the countertops

Mini - Pendants
to illuminate an island counter

Up - Lights
for soft, luminous accents

Rope Lights
to emphasize linear features

Low Level Lighting
for a unique floor accent

Table Lamps
for an intimate touch



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